Chairman Ted Ghorra

“New York’s Republican Party has a proud history of accomplishments. Brooklyn has elected and supported statesmen, Senators, Mayors, Governors, State Senators, Members of Congress, Assembly members, and – on occasion – Presidents.   And with that bit of background, I am very excited about what we have ahead of us. We have a good team and have begun to lay the groundwork for real party building, voter registration, candidate selection, fundraising, and outreach into the many diverse communities that make up our dynamic borough.

I look forward to bringing a positive party message citywide and statewide. I am excited to work with the many people who have been involved in Brooklyn politics for a long time, as well as the many new friends who have come to the fore in recent months to get involved. I also appreciate the recent outreach from the many folks who have stood on the sideline for too long.” 

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