The Brooklyn GOP has a message that will resonate with you, as we all choose to live in, thrive and make our borough and city a better place for us all.  To this end, the Brooklyn GOP has a significant role to fill, and can and will bring organizational strength to support our communities through good candidates, policy priorities and initiatives. We at the Brooklyn GOP believe that:

  • The Brooklyn GOP is diverse, committed to expanded outreach, and will support qualified candidates for public office at every level of government.  As a testament to this statement, you can look at our Executive Committee, which is comprised of a diverse group of people with various backgrounds including men and women, young and old, veterans, former law enforcement and civilians, media and IT professionals, health care professionals, a professional athlete, government employees, business entrepreneurs and professionals, lawyer and banker, community activist and volunteers, and more!;

  • The Brooklyn GOP stands for (a) equality of opportunity, not outcomes, (b) support for small businesses, (c) support for professional public safety professionals & law enforcement, (d) choice in educational opportunities, (e) deliberate and efficiently run government services, (f) lower taxes, (g) elimination and/or reduction of ridiculous fees, tolls, unnecessary regulations, all of which make our lives more burdensome and annoys (and confounds) us all…virtually every day.

  • Every vote counts, and they sometimes come from unexpected places! (e.g., look at the rust belt states in the 2016 presidential election – economic issues and opportunity burst through all the “noise”); 

  • Voters are sophisticated and regularly split their ticket, allowing for opportunities to good candidates, so increasing voter registration roles and our message a priority;

  • New York City voters deserve a choice in candidates, as both Politics & Policy benefit from more campaigns and more vibrant debate on the issues that affect everyone;

  • The space between elites-driven policy and how the rest of America (including NYC) lives their real lives has grown too big for too long;

  • While you may or may not agree with a certain politician or policy on every issue, vilifying voters is inappropriate and anecdotal proof - every time - of a disconnect between the elites and most everyday people. 

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